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Google: Guardian of the World Wide Web?

When Google was first launched as a search engine in 1998, it fulfilled a great purpose: it helped make the information stored on the world wide web accessible and easy to find. Google's link-based ranking algorithm resulted in much more relevant and high quality search results than other search engines could produce at the time. [...]


The Importance of UX Design – #Beltech14

[This post originally appeared on The Tomorrow Lab blog] Last week at the inaugural BelTech conference I was allowed to go on stage and rant for a good half hour about one of my pet topics: User Experience design. I've never been a fan of technology for its own sake. Technological innovation should exist only [...]


Neuromarketing Ethics / Rich Snippets / Book Review

For the new Friday Commentary series on State of Digital I wrote a column about the increasing influence of neuroscience on marketing, and how this could present an existential issue for all marketers: State of Digital: A Crossroads for Marketing - The Ethics of Neuromarketing "Imagine being able to prime consumers wearing Google Glass with [...]


The Client-Agency Dynamic

One of the most rewarding, frustrating, enriching and infuriating aspects of working in a service agency is dealing with clients. I often joke that my job would be perfect if it wasn't for clients - but truth be told, I love our clients. Without our clients I would very literally not have a job. It's [...]


Friends of Search 2014

Last week the inaugural Friends of Search conference took place in Amsterdam, and I was honoured to be asked to speak there. In front of a few hundred of the best and brightest search marketers in the Netherlands I gave a talk about personalised search - and specifically, about why personalised search results can be a [...]

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The Marketing Meld is a new digital marketing blog aimed at the UK market. My first contribution to the site is a piece which lists five tips to improve your writing: The Meld: Five Tips to Improve Your Writing "Over the years as I find myself writing more and more – from blog posts to [...]

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As it's the changing of the calendar year in most of the world, around this time many blogs seize upon this opportunity to look back at the previous year, look ahead at our next planetary orbit around the sun, and make solemn vows about doing things right in the months to come. Yours truly is [...]

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Google is paving its road with good intentions…

...and we all know where that road is headed. If I were a genuine conspiracy nutcase I'd have no problem believing that Google is a fully controlled subsidiary of the American intelligence apparatus. I mean, the things Google are up to are just so perfectly suited for full scale surveillance of every individual on earth, [...]


While I didn't pick up the Best Blog award at the UK Search Awards (Koozai's excellent blog won the category very deservedly), I did contribute to an interesting blog post from Ned Poulter about why we submit to awards and what constitutes award success: State of Digital: SEO Awards: What Constitutes a Success? While I [...]

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With a renewed controversy in digital marketing circles about SEO correlation studies I decided to weigh in on the topic in a new post for State of Digital. My views on these correlation studies are that they're useful, if viewed in their proper context: State of Digital: SEO Correlation Studies - Are We Looking At [...]